Sunday, 16 August 2009

How it all began...

I have always enjoyed making stuff, perhaps inspired by older generations who would always have a creative project on the go. Maybe it was Brownies and Guides, where I learnt to cook and mend, or school, where needlework lessons yielded a completely unwearable pair of shorts?

Having spent my childhood in full time education, relishing the artistic and creative side of life in art lessons and so on, it was a horrible shock to go to university where there was no creative outlet to life. It only got worse when I started my career in accountancy, a profession exceptionally ill-suited to anyone with a wayward mind. The very words 'creative accountancy' sum up how dangerous and potentially illegal it is to innovate in my job.

Having struggled through many barren years of boring careerdom, making cards and small projects in my spare time, the latent creative side positively flourished when I had my two wonderful little daughters. Seeing their constant stream of ideas and desire to make things led me to start making things for and with them. If there was any way I could make ends meet this way, I would dearly love to 'give up the day job', but until that day, I spend my spare time knitting, crocheting, sewing and thinking up new ways to use our own produce and that of other small makers.

The internet is such an inspiring place to be these days. There are so many talented people out there making and sharing ideas. If my blog can form a tiny part of that world, then it makes it all worthwhile.

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