Thursday, 2 December 2010

Peg dolls

Sometimes you get a make that just cries out for help from little hands, and this project was one of these.  Actually, it didn't require a lot of creativity, as we used a buttonbag craft kit:
It was so much fun.  The kids (4 and 7 yo) found it a little difficult at times, but with a bit of help they were able to do most of it.  These were the results (the photos were also taken by my 7 year old, and the quality is patchy):

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Amigurumi rabbit for newborn present

Despite the fact that I have made tens of projects since I last posted on this blog, it is another amigurumi rabbit that has inspired me to post. Here's why.  Firstly it is my brother's first little baby, a son.  I am so moved when someone has their first baby, because it takes me back to that transition that we all underwent when we had our children.  Knowing how massive that transformation is makes me want to mark it with something home-made as an heirloom.

I am so proud of this little one. The thing I learned last time was that no matter how perfect the crocheting is, it's the face that will make the difference between something professional looking and something naff.

So I really took my time over this one, and kept unpicking the stitches until it looked just right and exactly what I had in mind.

Now I've put this on here, I might have to start back-cataloguing some of my other stuff.....